Future Architects!

Here is an example of children independently using classroom materials to explore how objects move in different circumstances.  The boys are uses their logic to figure out how to make the cars travel far down the number path.

A letter a day, no way!

Learning to read happens when children are taught letters and sounds in natural and meaningful way.  Gone are the days when children learned the letter A on Monday and did a bunch of ‘A’ worksheets  (gasp!), then on Tuesday they learned B… etc.  Noticing letters in children’s names, environmental print, and in books make learning…

Hello There!

Welcome to the start of my blog. Where I will share thoughts, ideas, tips, and resources that might make your day a little better! I am a working professional in NYC, Queens is my home, I have over 14 years experience working in early childhood education, I adore working with teachers, children and their families….