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I wanted to share with you a powerful tool called the Classroom Assessment Scoring System or CLASS for short.  CLASS measures the effectiveness of student and adult interactions in the classroom.  Research shows that stronger daily interactions can lead to:

*Greater Student Behavior and engagement

*Stronger vocabulary and reading outcomes

*Increased math achievement

Knowing this, who wouldn’t want to learn the CLASS method?  I am a certified CLASS trainer as well as hold reliability in the Pre K and K-3 assessment. I believe in the tool and have seen a significant positive impact on the quality of my teacher’s instruction.

As a reliable observer, I conduct classroom observations and take notes based on the following areas: See blue chart  below (this snippet was taken from the CLASS Dimensions Guide)


Teaching teams are then scored on a scale of 1-7 in each area.  Scores in the 1,2 range are ineffective.   Scores in 3,4,5 are mid range. Scores of 6,7 are highly effective. The more you see the interaction happening the higher the score. The less evidence you see the lower the score.

If you are interested in learning more and how CLASS can positively impact your school or teaching practice, please reach out to me!

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